The following is a helpful blank “Tax Organizer”, which is not required, but may assist you in identifying & gathering the information necessary for us to accurately complete your 2021 income tax returns.  Feel free to utilize this free Tax Organizer and provide to us with your 2021 Tax Preparation documents.  If your tax return is more complex and you need additional guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an extended blank Tax Organizer, or to discuss specifically.

If we previously prepared your 2020 individual income tax return, please contact our office and we can alternatively provide you with a customized Tax Organizer which would include your 2020 data, which may be more helpful to you, as an indication of items to collect for us to prepare your 2021 individual income tax return.

Please provide your tax data to us for preparation by March 18, 2022 to ensure timely filing.  We encourage you to utilize our secure online Client Portal which provides us instant access to your information.  Alternatively, you may drop off to our office.  If mailing your documents, please do not send originals and utilize tracking via Certified Mail, Priority Mail, Federal Express, etc.  A meeting to review your tax information is available, but not required. If desired, please contact us to schedule a telephone call, Zoom virtual meeting, or in-person meeting.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you.  We appreciate your business.

Access your free blank Tax Organizer here.

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