Nonprofit Newsletter

8/20 – Nonprofit News
Managing Compensation for Nonprofits
SBA Opens Main Street Lending Program for Not-for-Profits
5 Tips to Strengthen Internal Control in the COVID-19 Environment
9/16 – Nonprofit News
FASB Modifies Not-for-Profit Accounting Rules

How to Retain, Recruit & Engage Great Board Members
NJ Charitable Registration Information & Changes
Overtime Rule Changes for Nonprofits
np1-151/15 – Nonprofit News
The Importance of Cost Allocations – What’s a Donor’s Perception of Your Organization?
How to Protect Your Organization’s Tax-Exempt Status
Are Exempt Organizations Exempt from Form 1099 Requirements?
np9-149/14 – Nonprofit News
Don’t Overpromise Value of Charitable Contributions – How Much is Deductible?
Fraud Motivations
Recognizing & Valuing Gifts in Kind & Donated Services
np1-141/14 – Nonprofit News
Nonprofit Myths & Legends: Part 2 – Financial Reporting  
The 990: More Than Just Tax Compliance
QuickBooks for Not-for-Profit Organizations
9-139/13 – Nonprofit News
Nonprofit Myths & Legends: Part I – Form 990
6 Simple Tips to Prevent Fraud
Tone at the Top
2/13 – Nonprofit News
IRS Reminder on Tax-Free Transfers to Charities; Rollovers in January 2013 Can Still Count for 2012

1/13 – Nonprofit News
Provisions in the Fiscal Cliff Legislation that Affect NonProfits