istock_000006860526xsmallASSA/DRTRS tips/reminders for School Boards:

  • Schools must maintain an “OFFICIAL NEW JERSEY SCHOOL REGISTER”.  The register should be used to submit the data for NJSmart and ASSA. The NJSmart register is not an official register.  If the NJSmart register is provided as the student register for ASSA purposes, we may ask for another register. School Districts have the option of keeping a computerized school register if they can produce the same reports for auditors or upon request.
  • The number of students on the register should match the number of students reported on the state reports for all categories. We need to be able to determine the number of on-roll students, sent, special education, private school disabled, choice, and LEP.  Also, the registers must detail the student names.
  • To prepare for the auditor’s review of the ASSA, we encourage everyone to have a final file which includes the final student register that agrees to the final submitted ASSA.
  • Students reported as aid-in-lieu must have a corresponding B6T, B7T, or B8T (transportation application).  If another district handles the DRTRS processing, a copy of the support and final submission should be obtained.
  • Students reported as LEP must have a placement test score (from the preceeding spring) or letter/additional support for students.
  • The low income students must agree to the Master Eligibility List (MEL, aka “Bid Document”).  If you use your student registers to determine the number of free and reduced students, be sure to match the MEL and student register detail to each other.  If there are discrepancies, the MEL will override the student register for free and reduced lunches. If carryover students are included in the ASSA count, please clearly identify these students.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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