Code Blue Donations Needed ASAP for NJ Emergency Cold Weather Shelters in Need

Salem County is currently in need of the following items for homeless individuals.  Collection Ends Wednesday, February 22nd so that we can get our items in use ASAP.

They have adequate blankets, but are in need of the following items:

  • Gloves for men
  • Socks for men & women
  • Microwaveable breakfast & dinner items (containing no pork please)
  • Non-perishable lunch items
  • Pudding, Jello or Fruit cups
  • Individually wrapped cookies, bars or snacks to be added to bagged lunches
  • Gift cards or Monetary donations
  • Volunteers

What is a Code Blue Alert?

A Code Blue alert is declared whenever temperatures drop below the freezing point and weather conditions pose a danger to the homeless population. The Code Blue Alert allows authorities to take homeless people to local shelters or other agencies, known as Warming Centers. These shelters make additional beds and space available until conditions improve and the alert is called off. New Jersey has a network of agencies throughout most counties. These agencies provide shelter, food, and clothing assistance for people whenever a Code Blue Alert has been issued. Each county/municipality has a different protocol about weather and temperature guidelines for a Code Blue Alert. Not all counties participate in this alert system. A Code Blue alert for counties that do participate is typically issued once temperatures drop to 32 degrees or below. Essex County will only issue a Code Blue alert if the temperature drops below 15 degrees.

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